Thursday, August 22, 2019

Balloon Decoration... OPTIONS

Do you want to decor on a budget??
If you are in Hamilton, ON or cities around, Balloons on a Budget is the solution.

1. Pick pre-selected designs from our selection of: Table centerpieces, Sculptures or Balloon twisting or send us a picture of what you want.
2. Specify quantity and color (Or just tell us the theme and we can suggest the colors)
3. Pick up or we can deliver (set up in your place)
(You can pick up your balloons days in advance, since they last more than 1 week)

Minimum order CAD$30.

Ready to order???? Just pick your designs from below  :)

1. On a Budget center piece
Sizes: Small or large
Colors: Choose 2 colors of choice (Bottom to top)
Balloon on top: Choose Foil balloon,  Confetti Balloon or Regular balloon
Price: $10

2. Traditional center piece

3 layers base w/ topper (Bottom layer with double balloon) & Curly balloons
Sizes: Small or Large

Colors: Choose 3 colors of choice (Bottom to top)

Balloon on top: Choose Foil balloon or  Confetti Balloon or Regular balloon

Price: $15

3. Custom centerpiece

Send your design to for a quote

Price: $varies
Holidays Custom centerpiece (St Valentines, Mothers day, Halloween, Christmas & more)
For kids (Princess, Unicorn, Spiderman, Mickey/Minnie & more)

6. Balloon Garlands
Sizes: varies. Send picture of what you want

Price: varies

7. Simple Column
Sizes: 5 feet
Colors: colors to choose (Up to 2)
Price: $25

8. Loot bag with balloon

Choose your theme
Price: $varies depending design ($5 to $15)
(Loot bag to be filled by you)

9. Balloon twisting for kids
You want balloon twisting but don't want to pay for a performer? 
We have you covered.

Swords $10/6 units
Puppy $10/5 units
Bracelets (Flower, lady bug, turtle) $10/4 units

See more ideas in Instagram

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